UKTV Play and FAQ

UKTV Play is our brand new iPhone and iPad app which brings you the best shows from Dave, Really, Drama and Yesterday

UKTV Play Trailer

We've launched a brand new on demand service called UKTV Play which gives you instant access to the best programmes on Dave, Really, Drama and Yesterday.

What is UKTV Play and where's the Dave app gone?

UKTV Play is the new video on demand service from UKTV. It's where you can catch up on Dave's programmes, along with some choice shows from Really and Yesterday. All in one place.

How can I watch UKTV Play?

You can get UKTV Play on PCs and Macs via the UKTV website at, as well as the app for iPhone and iPad running on iOS8, iOS7 and iOS6. It's free to download now from iTunes. And it's now available on Android too - Download here now. UKTV on demand services are also available on Sky, YouView, BT Vision and TalkTalk.

Why can't I find a certain programme on UKTV Play?

Much as we'd love to make all our shows available on UKTV Play for your clickable convenience, some won't be able to join the party. It's to do with TV and online rights, and lawyers wagging their fingers.

Why do programmes expire?

Most programmes can be watched for 7 days after the first broadcast due to pesky rights restrictions. Some other programmes are available for longer periods of time, though.

Do some programmes stay for longer than others?

We've bagged extended rights for some programmes, which means we can make them available for longer than the standard 7 days.

How long does it take for programmes to appear on UKTV Play?

Chomping at the bit? Fear not, we'll try to make programmes available within just one hour of the first transmission.

Can I watch UKTV Play in another country?

UKTV Play is restricted to the UK and the Republic of Ireland. So cancel that holiday! (Just kidding. Don't do that.)

Can I use the app in the Republic of Ireland


Are subtitles available on UKTV Play?

Sorry, there aren't any subtitles available on UKTV Play.

Can you "resume play" on UKTV Play?

Yes indeed.

How do I set up parental control?

Just click on Parental Controls in the app menu bar, then toggle the switch to On. To set your PIN, tap on the first number box and use the keypad to enter your four digit PIN, then tap the Activate button below. Hey presto: you've child-proofed your app.

Remember, the PIN is set just for the device you enter it on. So if you use our on demand service on a few devices, you'll need to set a PIN on each.

How do I disable a PIN?

Click on Parental Controls in the app menu bar then tap on the first number box and use the keypad to enter your four digit PIN.

Are all programmes free on UKTV Play?

You can fill your boots, because all programmes are free to view on UKTV Play.

Why do UKTV programmes include advertising?

So that we can keep this a free service, we need to serve advertising. This covers the costs of running UKTV Play - delivery, programme rights and app creation.

Is it possible to turn off advertising?

We want this to be a free app, which means you can't turn off the ads.

Why does the video playback keep buffering?

If your videos are freezing, stuttering or otherwise making you grit your teeth and go "grrr", it's probably down to a restricted internet connection. This could be down to network traffic, WiFi speed, and your WiFi connection strength.

You can also have performance issues if your device is running lots of applications in the background at the same time. You can try shutting all the other applications down to see if this fixes things. Just double click on the device Home button (the indented button with the white square icon below the bottom of the screen) to reveal currently running apps. Click and hold on one icon until they start to shake and a red close button appears. Then click on each close button until the tray is empty apart from UKTV Play. Then double click on the home button to return to the app.

What data is stored on my device?

Programme metadata such as images, descriptions and schedule information is stored on your device, and this lets the app works as smoothly as a lubricated otter. If you have set up parental control then we'll store your email address so we can email you if you forget your PIN. And that's it. No other personal data is stored on your device.

How do I contact UKTV?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our on demand service. You can drop us a line using the feedback feature in the app menu, or you can visit our website at and follow the Contact Us link to find out more.

How can I report a spelling mistake or typo?

If a typo slips past our eagle eyes, tell us! You can use the feedback feature in the app menu, or you can visit our website at and follow the Contact Us link to find out more. We'll be all embarrassed and grateful.