YouView FAQs

Having problems with UKTV services on YouView?

What is YouView?

YouView launched its set-top box and service in July 2012. It is a subscription-free service that combines the ability to receive digital TV channels with access to the last seven days' TV programmes via catch up services. It will also bring on demand TV services and other interactive applications to your TV. Both standard and high-definition content are available.

Which channels has UKTV launched on YouView?

UKTV has launched catch up services for its free-to-air channels ? Dave, Yesterday and Really. Dave launched early summer 2013, Yesterday and Really launched at the start of 2014. To be able to watch Really and Yesterday content you will need to make sure you?re using the latest version of the UKTV player. Click to our help page for more details.

What UKTV content will I have access to on YouView?

The Dave, Yesterday and Really catch up services will contain a generous representation of the previous week?s shows including our channel-defining commissions, glossy acquisitions and BBC programmes.

Why aren?t all programmes available?

We currently do not hold the non-linear rights for all content which is broadcast on Dave, Yesterday and Really.

Doesn?t UKTV already have channels available on YouView?

This is the first time that UKTV has agreed a direct deal with YouView and our catch up services will be now be available on all YouView boxes.

In 2012 UKTV signed an agreement with TalkTalk to carry its branded channels and selected video on demand programmes. This content is available on TalkTalk?s own branded YouView boxes.

Will all programmes that are available on UKTV's own On Demand Players (Dave, Really and Yesterday On Demand) be available on YouView?

UKTV is offering a catch up service on YouView for Dave, Yesterday and Really. Just like UKTV's own on demand players, services will contain both catch up content and some curated archive content.

How much UKTV archive content will be made available on YouView?

The primary function of the three channels on YouView is a 7-day catch up service. Occasionally some archive content will be made available.

Are there plans to launch UKTV's pay channels on YouView?

Not at the moment.

How are younger viewers restricted from watching potentially unsuitable UKTV content on YouView?

It is possible to set PIN protection on the YouView box under the ?Settings? screen. If PIN protection is turned on, this restriction will also apply within the UKTV player.

How do I get a YouView box?

Visit the YouView website for more information on how to get a YouView box.

How do I access UKTV content on YouView?

You can launch UKTV content via either the YouView backwards EPG, search or browse options or by launching the UKTV player through the On Demand players page.

I'm having trouble accessing UKTV content on my YouView box. Who should I speak to?

If you wish to provide feedback or have questions about UKTV's content or services on YouView please get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page, calling us on 020 3192 0504 or emailing

The YouView support webpage provides general troubleshooting tips and useful contacts to help you resolve issues related to YouView error messages, broadband connectivity or faults with your YouView box.