AFP and Product Placement

Find out how we can work with your brands to create original content ideas.


The Secrets In My Family on W with Alex Jones

Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP) is when the brand gets involved in developing an idea with a broadcaster or a producer and they either full or part fund that content. Product Placement (PP) can either be real or virtual and involves a brand paying to have their product featured within the content (this must still be editorially justified and not unduly prominent). Either the producer or the broadcaster can broker both AFP and PP deals, and as usual, the broadcaster has full editorial control.

Working directly with advertisers, agencies and producers to develop and create AFPs, we project manage from the initial germ of an idea to on air and beyond. We also work very closely with the commissioning editor, channel teams, advertising, legal and business affairs and C4, who sell our sponsorship, airtime and online inventory.

Recent partnerships include The Secrets in My Family on W co-funded with AncestryDNA, and Crackanory series 3 and 4, co-funded with Audible on Dave. Both shows have been shortlisted for Broadcast Digital Awards for Best AFP partnerships.

We also have a longstanding partnership with Red Bull and show the Red Bull Soapbox International series on Dave.


Will my project be treated differently because it's AFP?

No, UKTV treat all originations exactly the same. Each AFP will be overseen editorially by a Commissioning Editor and you will be greenlit and contracted in the same way as a regular commission. The key difference is that you will need to allow slightly longer for approvals and you will get to know the AFP team!

Can the Producer source funding for a project?

Yes, absolutely. We can help facilitate any conversations you may be having (with data or one of us in the meeting with you!)

Can the funder (brand) appear in the content?

Yes, this would be seen as Product Placement so they can appear in the content as long as they are not on the HFSS list (High in Fat, Salt or Sugar) a drug brand, alcohol, formula milk, tobacco or a weapon!

Can other brands appear in the content?

Yes, but the funding brand will have a view on this and the brand must not be on the banned list if they are paying for the placement.

Who owns the rights?

As with our commissions, we will share the rights with the producer . With an AFP, the brand is also entitled to a share.

Who manages the relationship with the brand?

We do, it is imperative that the broadcaster has editorial control, so we manage the relationship with the brand ? there must be clear water between brand and producer.

AFP Showreel

For more information about AFP and PP please see Thinkbox TV.