Gold Channel Brief

The best British comedies every day.


Channel ambition

Gold is a pay channel for comedy lovers; our aim is to give our viewers a guaranteed laugh.

We want to reinvigorate the core "crown jewels" of our content by finding creative ways of using our archive, whilst also attracting iconic comedy talent to the channel, and demonstrating our commitment to brand new scripted content. We want Gold to remain the home of the best of British archive content whilst at the same time cementing its reputation as an increasingly prolific and innovative creator of original comedy content for scripted and non-scripted. Viewers tune in for talent, much loved titles and headline grabbing ideas.

Core areas - non-scripted

  • Top talent with passion projects that feel distinctive and fresh.
  • Archive or retrospective shows that hero the archive in unusual ways.
  • Top talent celebrating the best of British comedy, either with new comedic material or attention-grabbing entertainment formats.
  • Authored journeys with well-known gold talent.

Core areas - scripted

  • Top talent with passion projects that feel distinctive and fresh.
  • New scripted comedy that tonally complements existing classic sitcoms played on the channel, with strong characters and an interesting narrative hook.
  • Progressive, highly relatable, warm, funny stories that speak to modern life in a way that's timely and relevant, while delivering big laughs.
  • Stories centering on modern, multigenerational families and/or communities that will appeal to our broad target audience (avoid skewing old, 40-something is Gold's key demo).
  • Ideas that bring a fresh, contemporary approach to sitcom or narrative comedy (N.B. On Gold we are no longer looking for ideas that feel 'traditional' or similar to the classic sitcoms we acquire).
  • At the moment we are not looking for high concept or fantasy series, or ideas that feel too derivative of existing, well-known shows.

Previous hits

Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes, The Cockfields, Sandylands, The Story of Only Fools & Horses, dinnerladies diaries, Lenny Henry's Race Through Comedy, Britain's Greatest Comedian, Death on the Blackpool Express, Death on the Tyne, Dial M For Middlesborough, Ricky and Ralph's Very Northern Road Trip, David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Target audience

Mainstream viewers, mixed gender, comedy lovers, lovers of iconic British comedy - our viewers tune in to feel good and have a guaranteed laugh.


Idea dependent


Format dependent

Commissioning process

Proposals should be one to two pages in length. They should clearly state what the proposition is and how the format works in brief. To ensure your idea is logged and tracked, please submit the proposal to Please only send in a proposal if you are affiliated with or from an independent production company.