Episode 6 - Patricia Cornwell & William Gaminara

Influencing a new genre of crime.

Mark Billingham and Patricia Cornwell

9 December 2016

We travelled away from A Stab In The Dark's incident room to talk to one of this generation's biggest-selling and most-respected crime novelists... none other than forensic crime author Patricia Cornwell.

Patricia is someone who has been credited with inspiring not only a new wave of female crime writers but also a host of forensic crime dramas, from CSI to Dexter, while her Kay Scarpetta novels have delighted crime fans since 1990. Mark talks to Patricia about her life and work, the new Scarpetta novel Chaos and how the world of forensics and technology has influenced her writing.

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Meanwhile, Paul Hirons speaks to Silent Witness star William Gaminara about his role in the top UK forensic series and how he manages to pronounce all that technical jargon.

Guest Recommendations

In each episode we as our guests to give us a recommended read and watch from the world of crime. Patricia suggests two classics in the form of Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris and In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, two books that Mark insists that you go out and read if you haven't had a chance yet. In terms of television, Patricia would suggest The Good Wife, which while being a legal thriller also has "lots of cool forensics in it too."