Episode 12 - Ian Rankin


5 July 2017

Award-winning crime writer Mark Billingham is back to explore the world of crime fiction and TV crime drama in the second series of A Stab In The Dark. In this series opener, Mark talks to another award-winning bestselling crime writer, the legendary Ian Rankin, about the 30th anniversary of his iconic character, DI John Rebus, his career, his most recent Rebus novel and how personal circumstances inspired his work.

Our man with the spyglass, Paul Hirons, also chats to Stav Sherez about his latest novel, The Intrusions.

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Guest recommendations

Each week we ask our guests to bring with them a recommendation for a good read and a good watch, linked to the theme of the episode.

Ian went for something classical when it came to books - Charles Dickens' Bleak House, which he calls 'extraordinary' and quotes Inspector Bucket that feels modern and fresh.

As for something to watch, Ian recommended Taboo - like a 'steampunk Dickens'.

A Stab in the Dark is a UKTV Original production and is produced by Paul Hirons, Joel Porter and John Lemon.

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