All Voices

UKTV teams up with Film London’s Equal Access Network to launch UKTV’s All Voices initiative

All Voices

What does the EAN do?

Film London's Equal Access Network, supported by the Mayor of London, seeks to help new entrants, mid-level and returners to get in, stay in and return to the TV and Film industry. In an effort to tackle the industry's desire for inclusion, the Equal Access Network particularly focuses on under-represented groups and offers training and support to ensure employees have the greatest chance of building a meaningful amount of experience on which they can develop and build careers at every level.

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All Voices

At UKTV, we have partnered with Film London's Equal Access Network to create a new collaborative initiative aimed at securing employment within the TV industry for underrepresented groups. UKTV's All Voices initiative gives new entrants, mid-level professionals and returners to the industry the opportunity to work in paid, full-time roles on UKTV Original productions.

Each participant is a part of the initiative for up to 12 months, giving them the opportunity to work on multiple UKTV productions to increase their level of experience and help build their CV and network of contacts within the industry.

Through the All Voices scheme several Equal Access Network members have found work on UKTV Original productions and with companies including:

  1. Dad's Army (Mercury Productions)
  2. The Cockfields (Yellow Door Productions)
  3. We hunt Together (BBC Studios)
  4. Red Dwarf (Baby Cow)
  5. Dial M for Middlesborough (Shiny Button)
  6. Trust Morecambe & Wise with Lenny Henry (Mercury)
  7. Comedians Giving Lectures (12 Yard Productions)
  8. Firecracker
  9. Black Dog Productions
  10. Tiger Aspect


So far UKTV has hosted All Voices events aimed at offering participants insight into the industry and the workings of a broadcaster. Some of the masterclasses so far have included, CV and interview workshops, career journey sessions and Scripted Masterclasses with UKTV Commissioners. Film London's Equal Access Network also run a series of masterclasses across multiple disciplines which participants have access to and continue to provide ongoing advice about opportunities, interviews and CVs.

Diversity In Production

UKTV is also committed to diversity within its Originals and Director of Commissioning, Richard Watsham, meets with all producers prior to starting any new production, to discuss how to maximise diversity on and off screen. In 2017, UKTV also launched The On-Screen & Off-Screen Diversity Capture Report which is part of UKTV's commissioning delivery paperwork requirements that all production companies must read and complete. This report captures a range of diversity reporting that is regularly reviewed by UKTV's Commissioning Diversity Steering Group to ensure minority groups are better represented both in front of and behind the camera.