Responsible for creating and delivering a multiplatform proposal that's editorially and commercially attractive to viewer and advertisers

All UKTV channel have their own channel teams and they're responsible for all editorial and scheduling planning. In short, they run the channel and act as editorial selectors: sourcing, choosing and requesting suitable content, with support off the commissioning and acquisitions teams.

Network Scheduling

The Network Scheduling team ensures that all channels work together in harmony, helping each channel to get the most out of its airtime. They're a point of contact between the scheduling teams as well as our internal and external stakeholders to manage the delivery of broadcast schedules.


The Acquisitions department secures content for UKTV's channels from the UK and globally. We have a programme licensing agreement with the BBC so we acquire shows such as Stumptown, Tommy and Why Women Kill.

The Acquisitions team at UKTV also work with production companies and distributors to help fund series. UKTV has pre-invested in shows including Secret Nazi Bases, Abandoned Engineering, Impossible Engineering, Monster Ships, World's Greatest Palaces, Train Truckers, Underground Worlds and lots more


The Compliance team makes sure that everything UKTV broadcasts or posts online complies with the relevant guidelines and regulations. Every programme, promo or sponsorship credit broadcast on UKTV's network and on UKTV Play is watched and assessed by a member of the Compliance team. They also advise on UKTV's social media content and marketing materials and campaigns. They ensure UKTV is able to be as creative as possible without risking the company's reputation or getting in trouble with regulators.