UKTV Culture

UKTV Awards 2019

UKTV is a vibrant and fun place to work. With nearly 300 employees working at 10HG (10 Hammersmith Grove) on two floors, it's an open and creative space where colleagues can get together and collaborate (especially where cake is involved!) There's always plenty of movement and people gathering to have meetings or and coffee catch ups.

Desk Moves

Every three months we have a "desk move" which gives everyone an opportunity to work in a new part of the office. You'll move with your teams and will get to sit next to a different department each time. This helps to build new relationships and network to gain different perspectives.


Every other Tuesday, there is a TMM (Tuesday Morning Meeting) hosted by various people and teams across the business. One week it could be HR talking about new schemes rolled out and the next week it could be someone from commissioning introducing and previewing a new show that's about to be launched. All employees gather by the big screens to listen in to the contents of TMM - no phones, no emails, just everyone taking 30 minutes out of their busy schedules to find out something new. During the Covid 19 pandemic, TMMs have been more important than ever and have taken place weekly over Zoom. We also have an internal digital magazine called the Wrap which provides an opportunity for colleagues to share personal stories and it includes videos, podcasts and articles.

UKTV Office

The office was designed to promote innovation and creativity. It's comfortable, it looks great, it's like a second home, an environment where people can come to do their best work. It's a creative workspace that reflects our purpose and values.

Social Events and Groups

Our social events bring everyone together and encourages a collaborative working environment. Here are some of the social events and groups we have:

Cinema Screenings

Every quarter all colleagues get together to preview new and upcoming content across the UKTV network. This is a great opportunity to view all the exciting UKTV Original shows before they're aired and see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Social Clubs

  • Cheese and Wine
  • Pie and Ale

UKTV Together

Together is our UKTV diversity and inclusion group. To find out more click here


Here at UKTV we are proud to be an active participant of Albert (the authority on environmental sustainability for film & TV) Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy and we have committed to become a carbon neutral business in 2020. We also have an active and engaged Green team.

Green Team

UKTV's Green Team was set up in 2019 to drive our commitment to sustainability and the team regularly update us with guidance and support to help UKTV colleagues be green-aware. UKTV has been a member of the BAFTA Albert Consortium since 2014 and the ambition is for all UKTV Original productions to be carbon neutral. This means reducing carbon footprint as far as possible, and offsetting where we're not able to. This is achieved through Albert certification (predicting carbon footprint at pre-production stage, then taking action to reduce carbon emissions during production). An allowance is then made in the budget to carbon offset the emissions the production is unable to eliminate.

Expedition with Steve Backshall was our first carbon neutral production

Learning Culture

Learning Curve

The Learning Curve has been set up to encourage and enable UKTV employees to take up courses which they would not normally do as part of their day-to-day role and environment. Every four months employees have an opportunity to apply for a grant of £1000 for them to spend on their chosen course. Previously employees have used the grant for things such as pottery, drawing classes, nutrition courses, flower arranging and many more.

Learning Lounge

UKTV promotes a learning culture where we ask our employees to be curious, analytical and take ownership of their own learning. One of our initiatives to support this is our Learning Lounge. We organise bite size sessions with either an internal or external expert to provide our employees with information on a subject. There are opportunities to learn all around us. Our internal lounges are designed to help our employees understand what we each do and how each department contributes to UKTV's success. The lounge may help someone understand how their role interlinks with that department or may simply explain any TV jargon they have overheard but don't understand.

Management Academy

in 2012 we launched the "Management Academy", a 12-month training course for line managers who are new to UKTV or newly promoted. We believe that training and developing this level of management is crucial for helping improve staff engagement and therefore to the success of our business.