Dave Channel Brief


Channel ambition

Over recent years Dave's strong comic identity has come into sharp focus, and the channel has carved out a clear space for itself in an increasingly crowded broadcast landscape. We are always looking for innovative shows that embody Dave's famously irreverent tone and will enhance the channels growing reputation. With Dave sitting in the free to air space, ideas must help to differentiate us from other channels and broaden potential audiences. Our core audience is young and upmarket, mostly male and aged between 16-34. However, 40% of our audience is female so ideas shouldn't be exclusively male skewing. Comedy Entertainment is the USP of the primetime schedule and ideas with A-List talent attached are important to the channel. Our originations have to stand out on the EPG amongst a schedule packed with other well-known and much-loved brands.

Core areas - non-scripted

  • Inventive, funny and smart comedy entertainment formats for peak.
  • Ideas associated with A-list comedy talent which umbrella new faces, and female and diverse voices, are a priority for the channel.
  • Studio and non-studio returnable formats that surprise and excite.
  • Ambitious fact ent shows or fresh 'Dave' takes on formats.
  • Noisy factual adventure series with well-known talent in this space.
  • Is there an affordable populist way to do funny animation or sketch, that can capture that young intelligent audience?
  • Big, one off, events, that can create a buzz about the channel.

Secondary priorities

  • More male skewing, affordable, fact ent formats in early peak. Think accessible food, motoring, gadgets, light engineering but all through the prism of a Dave sensibility.

Core areas - scripted

  • Ensemble shows that blend exciting new talent with more established faces to give us a well-rounded cast.
  • Passion projects that will help us celebrate the best of British comedy.
  • Progressive, current, original, funny, edgy, highly relatable stories that provide a fresh perspective on what it's like to be a young person in today's world, while delivering big laughs.
  • Mono-generational series centering on young adults that will appeal to our 16 - 34 target audience.
  • Distinctive ideas that bring a modern, inventive approach to the sitcom or narrative comedy and reflect the irreverent nature and bold DNA of the channel.
  • At the moment we are not looking for high concept, fantasy, period content, or ideas that feel too derivative of existing, well-known shows.

Previous hits on Dave

Hypothetical, Meet the Richardsons, Taskmaster, Comedians Giving Lectures, Dave Gorman: Terms and Conditions Apply, Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier, Expedition with Steve Backshall, Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, Sliced, Border Force: America's Gatekeepers, Eddie Eats America.

Target audience

Male, 16-34, ABC1 - young, upmarket men, but mustn't alienate females (60% of the audience are male)


Stand out, noisy commissions for weekdays at 9pm and 10pm, or cheaper content at 8pm that can repeat throughout the day.

Commissioning process

Proposals should be one to two pages in length. They should clearly state what the proposition is and how the format works in brief. To ensure your idea is logged and tracked, please submit the proposal to submissions@uktv.co.uk. Please only send in a proposal if you are affiliated with or from an independent production company.