Yesterday Channel Brief

Entertainment inspired by history.


Channel Ambition

Yesterday is a premium factual free-to-air channel for enthusiasts, made by enthusiasts. Our target audience is 45+ and male skewing with a thirst for knowledge.

Transport is a prominent theme with classic vehicles and iconic locales with rich histories being the basis for many of our most successful series. We are interested in thriving, busy precincts in the fields of auction, restoration and preservation with great characters at their core. Presenter-led deep dives into iconic networks have provided the channel some of its biggest hits.

Tonally, nostalgia is at the heart of everything we do, and the sweet spot is finding experiences we have collectively shared and have fond memories of - whether that's being awestruck by our first classic car, remembering the joy of unboxing a model plane or embarking on our first adventure by train.

Core Areas

  • Obs doc precincts with self-contained episode arcs in the field of much-loved vehicles or transportation.
  • Access driven docs behind the scenes of iconic brands going through adaptation or transformation.
  • Fact-ent formats that can be commissioned in high-volume, are economical to shoot and edit and are returnable and repeatable.
  • Formats that stand out from the crowd and explore finding, building, repairing and/or restoring.
  • Interested in UK travel, treasure hunting, collectibles, and big-build projects.

Previous Hits

Bangers & Cash, Bangers & Cash: Restoring Classics, Secrets of the London Underground, Secrets of The Transport Museum, Hornby: A Model World and Retro Electro Workshop.


Weekdays 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. Range from 6x60' to 10x60'.

Hornby: A Model World

Commissioning Process

Proposals should be one to two pages in length. They should clearly state what the proposition is and how the format works in brief. To ensure your idea is logged and tracked, please submit the proposal to

Please only send in a proposal if you are affiliated with or from an independent production company.