About UKTV's Producer Packs

Important information regarding our producer packs and the production process.

On this page you will find various documents that form the UKTV Producer Pack. We hope that the information in this pack answers the majority of your questions during the production process.

Please download the relevant Producer Pack, depending on which channel your programme is being made for. If you click on the channel logo - the download will begin. You will also see the link for the UKTV Technical Specification for Commissioned Programmes.

In the event that this pack cannot answer your questions, please send your query to UKTVproducerpack@uktv.co.uk, detailing the name of your production.


Production Insurance

Once a commission is contracted, Production Insurance must be in place. UKTV's preferred supplier is Quartz. Details for Quartz can be found in the Contacts List. If you have chosen not to use this scheme, your cover must be approved by UKTV. Please e-mail the details to UKTVproducerpack@uktv.co.uk.

Production and Technical Delivery Specification

This is updated regularly, so please ensure that you are working to the latest version. The UKTV Tech Spec is not the same as other broadcasters, so pleased read it carefully. Any queries about the suitability of specific cameras should be addressed to dave.maynard@uktv.co.uk. Please copy in UKTVproducerpack@uktv.co.uk.

Presenter and Key Contributor Agreements

We will require, by email, a signed PDF copy of all Presenter and Key Contributor Contracts. These should have been approved by the UKTV legal department prior to signature. Any queries - please email UKTVproducerpack@uktv.co.uk.


Please note we also require an email from BBC Music Copyright to confirm whether the music you want to use is covered and cleared under the UKTV music blanket licences. Please email your music list to the relevant person at BBC Music Copyright (see Contacts List) & copy UKTVproducerpack@uktv.co.uk in on all correspondence. Audio Network is the music library our producers regularly use. To register please visit www.audionetwork.com. You will then be sent your log-in details. If you have queries please email - office@audionetwork.com or you can contact customer services on 0207 566 1441.


The Delivery Schedule document details deliverables for transmission, new media, marketing, promos and publicity. Please ensure that you allow for these deliverables when budgeting any potential commission for UKTV.

Programme Numbers

These will be provided by the Channel and Scheduling Assistant for each Channel. Please see Contacts List.

Purchase Order Numbers and Invoicing

Once a commission has been contracted, you will need to send an email to accountspayable@uktv.co.uk and they will get back to you with your Purchase Order Numbers. They will also be your point of contact for all invoice and payment queries.