Dave and UKTV Play sign up to Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix

Jamali Maddix

Jamali Maddix

Thursday 18th January, 2024, London:

Jamali Maddix will host his first series for Dave and UKTV Play in 2024. In each episode of Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix (4x60'), the comedian and documentary maker spends time with leaders and key figures in growing communities on the fringes of the mainstream to find out just why they inspire such devotion among their followers. From Mindhouse Productions (Louis Theroux Interviews, Sex Actually with Alice Levine), Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix will investigate religious cults, political movements, underground radicals and ostracised groups to try and make sense of how our post-pandemic world has splintered and been reframed.

Jamali Maddix says,

I've always been fascinated by cults and sub-cultures - people that choose to live as 'other'. Comedians are typically outsiders and I've made a career from observing people's behaviour and nuances from this perspective. With this show I want to explore the more extreme worlds people choose to live in and discover who they are and crucially WHY they do what they do.

Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix is commissioned for UKTV by Emile Nawagamuwa, commissioning executive and Helen Nightingale, head of factual. The series is ordered by Cherie Hall, Dave channel director and Hilary Rosen, director of commissioning. Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix is produced by Mindhouse. The executive producers are Barnaby Coughlin and Nancy Strang, and Louis Theroux will be Creative Director across the project.

Emile Nawagamuwa says,

In a world that is increasingly fragmented, it's fascinating to see just what connects us and who our new thought leaders are. I'm incredibly excited that Jamali, with his natural curiosity and razor-sharp insight will be taking us into these rising movements and really getting to the heart of what makes them so compelling to so many people. These immersive journeys into fringes of society will land Dave and UKTV Play viewers right at the centre of some of the world's most eye-opening breakaway factions.

Cherie Hall says

Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix will combine documentary, comedy and travel to fantastic effect and I can't wait for Dave and UKTV Play viewers to discover the pockets of our culture that Jamali visits.

Louis Theroux says,

In times of great weirdness, it gives me some consolation to know that we have intrepid connoisseurs of the dark, the troubling, the downright baffling of the calibre of Jamali. He is the real deal: brave funny, curious - someone who can walk the fine line of challenging and confronting where necessary but also being empathetic and kind. I'm proud to be with him on the Follow the Leader journey, wherever it may take us.

Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix joins a string of comedy entertainment commissions for Dave this year, alongside Battle In The Box hosted by Jimmy Carr, returning series of World's Most Dangerous Roads, Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable and scripted comedy Meet the Richardsons.

UKTV recently announced its intention to launch 'U' - a new masterbrand that will unite its family of free-to-air channels and its free streaming service. Launching in Summer 2024, the move will see its current streaming service UKTV Play transition to U and UKTV's family of free-to-air channels will become U&Dave, U&DRAMA, U&YESTERDAY and U&W.

Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix will air on Dave and UKTV Play later this year. It is distributed by BBC Studios.