Furry Good Ideas - Creative Brits Pitching TV Ideas to Their Pets


UKTV's director of commissioning, Richard Watsham, talking about the art of making brilliant TV shows in response to research carried out by the broadcaster

  • New research shows the UK is a nation of armchair directors and writers, with households brimming with ideas across the nation

  • Over half of Brits think UK television is the best in the world (53%)

  • One in three (33%) have pitched their idea for a TV show to someone, mostly friends (16%) and family (14%) - one in twenty have pitched an idea to their pets

  • More people think it would be easier to write a TV show or screen play (17%), than write a book (14%)

Friday 25 May 2018

New research suggests that Britain creates the best TV shows in the world with 53% of Brits believing homegrown-programmes outrank those on offer in other countries, including America in second place (29%).

The explosion of UK original comedy and drama is, in turn, inspiring the next wave of writers and directors who think they've got a TV script waiting for it to escape their brain.

The research, conducted by UKTV to celebrate its original shows available on UKTV Play, reveals that one in three people have actively pitched a TV idea to someone. This is usually friends (16%) or family (14%), but one in twenty have recalled their idea to a furry friend, entrusting their cats and dogs not to betray their genius.

The poll of 1000 people also suggests that Brits find TV shows and screen plays (17%) easier to comprehend and write than a book (14%).

TV fans can watch a plethora of award-winning and critically acclaimed UKTV Originals via UKTV's on demand service UKTV Play, including BAFTA-nominated Taskmaster, Red Dwarf, Zapped and Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier.

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