DAVE does Eurovision

Dave does Eurovision

Tuesday 9 May 2023: Dave's unofficial entry to the Eurovision Song Contest is now live on Dave's YouTube channel - @DaveTVChannel.

'We Also Wrote A Song' is written by singer, songwriter and comedian Jazz Emu (Chortle, Best Variety Act Winner 2023), and also features vocals from Rachel Parris (Late Night Mash).

Dave - We Also Wrote A Song (ft. Jazz Emu & Rachel Parris) |

Inspired by the excitement of the first Eurovision Song Contest being held in the UK since 1998, Dave decided they simply can't miss out on the action. Jazz Emu, follows in Mae Muller's footsteps to create 'We Also Wrote A Song' for Dave's own unofficial entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. The song features Jazz Emu and Rachel Parris, with Abi Clarke, Darren Harriott, Helen Bauer and Josh Jones all joining in with the fun and taking part in the music video.

Dave's 'We Also Wrote A Song' is a celebration of The Eurovision Song Contest and the community that makes it the biggest song competition in the world.


Eurovision 2023 / That's right / We're Jumping On The Bandwagon / (We Also Wrote A Song)

If Australia can take to the stage at Eurovision / Does that mean anyone's welcome to? / 'Cause at Dave we are tired of facing our televisions / We wanna be a part of the Euro Crew

So we've signed the mandates, we've hired the spandex / Spectacular pyro is poised / Our key changes are primed, and our air grabs are vibing / So let's hope we get some points

Because we have spent / over 95 percent / Of Dave's annual budget / On legally becoming a nation!

So we can enter Eurovision / We've spent, er, several million / On legal fees, and smoke machines / And pantsuits made of mirrors

We wanna winning entry / So we're putting in plenty / Of pan-European hooks / Which are non-English speaking friendly like / Zayayada, zayayada, oh

We wanna winning entry / So we're putting in every / Single musical genre that's won / Eurovision previously like: Zayayada, zayayada, zayayada, wind machine

We've seen other countries use traditional national music / To show their rich cultural heritage / So we took all the profits from our other shows and used it / To invent Dave's national instrument

We don't know which country's going to give us the points when we climb up on that stage / So we're hedging our bets by including a phrase in every single EU language

Nous sommes désespérés (we are desperate! French) / Ja me tahame seda võita! (and we want to win it! - Estonian) / lo haremos (Spanish) parzialmente in fiamme (with our costumes partially on fire!)

[The music suddenly cuts]

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