Dave's Joke Of the Fringe 2021

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31 August 2021

  • Comedians reveal their thoughts on the effect Covid-19 has had on comedy
  • Nick Helm: My dad gave me the joke that won in 2011 - it was the best year of my life
  • Tim Vine: I love doing gigs again but didn't miss doing live comedy during lockdown
  • Olaf Falafel, Adele Cliff, Ken Cheng, Masai Graham and Darren Walsh all feature in series
  • Previous winners remarked on what makes an award-winning joke and how much winning Dave's Joke of the Fringe meant to them
  • Tim Vine discusses hilarious story about Queen guitarist Brian May
  • Thoughts on the Fringe also revealed, with Nick Helm believing that next year's Edinburgh will be 'absolutely incredible'


Previous Dave Joke of the Fringe winners have revealed their thoughts about the effect Covid-19 has had on comedy, as well as their memories of Edinburgh Fringe in a special video content series celebrating 14 years of Dave's Joke of the Fringe.

The annual competition, which reveals the funniest Joke of the Fringe as voted for by the British public, has been cancelled for a second year in a row, thanks to the Coivd-19 pandemic and a much reduced Fringe Festival, which has operated at 10% of its usual capacity this year. To continue to show support for the Fringe, Dave collaborated with some of the country's favourite comedians to reveal some exclusive comedy secrets about the Fringe and the competition.

Previous winners Nick Helm and Tim Vine commented on the effect the pandemic has had on comedy. Nick Helm revealed how negative living through the pandemic had been, because of the inability to do comedy gigs. He also said that Zoom gigs are 'terrible' and praised comedians who had the bravery to commit to gigs in car parks during the past 18 months. Ken Cheng, winner in 2017 admitted that he 'hated gigging' so Covid-19 'stopping all his gigs was fine'!

Nick called on comedians to be 'more creative' to avoid 3,000 shows on the pandemic next year, believing that next year's Edinburgh will be 'absolutely incredible'. When discussing the return of live audiences in recent weeks, Tim commented on how he had the pleasure to return to gigs recently but had not missed them during lockdown. Tongue-in-cheek he added that he'd probably have been just as happy running a shop that sold Meccano.

The comedy stars answered a series of questions, around the Fringe itself. Adele Cliff celebrated how Edinburgh is the best opportunity for comedians to get together and show what they have been working on, and championed how anyone can 'go wild' and come and see more comedy then they ever possibly could anywhere else.

Darren Walsh discussed how Edinburgh is a proving ground for comedians, and that the Fringe brought about a mixture of dread and excitement. Ken Cheng echoed this by saying that the Fringe is simultaneously the 'best and worst thing about doing comedy'. Tim added that there is something about Edinburgh that 'keeps drawing him back', but reflected on how comedians in the middle of the Fringe sometimes wonder why they do carry on committing to it every year.

Other areas explored in the hilarious video content series looked at what winning Joke of the Fringe meant to the winners and what makes an award-winning joke. Nick Helm's touching tribute to his father's joke inspiration makes for a wonderful watch as he reveals that 2011, when he won Dave's Joke of the Fringe, was one of the best years of his life

Tim Vine also tells a very funny story about how Queen guitarist Brian May ended up on stage with him for one of his shows.

Olaf Falafel, most recent winner of Dave's Joke of the Fringe in 2019 revealed how he loves a bit of misdirection when telling a joke, but that an actual preferred joke of his was when he came 9th in Dave's Joke of the Fringe in 2017.

Cherie Cunningham, Dave channel director, said:.

With no Fringe Festival in 2020, and a Fringe at 10% of usual capacity this year, we still wanted to commemorate Dave's Joke of the Fringe award in some way. We are delighted at all the amazing comedians who have shared their Edinburgh experiences and reflected on the past 18 months for this video. We cannot wait for next year, the 75th Edinburgh Fringe Festival, when Dave's Joke of the Fringe will be back bigger than ever before.

Comedy critic Bruce Dessau also commented on the video series saying:.

Comedy has suffered enormously in the past 18 months, and to see these comedians' thoughts and views on the Fringe and the Covid-19 pandemic provides a fascinating insight into how much comedy, the Edinburgh Fringe and Dave's Joke of the Fringe matters.

To view the full video content series, please download the video here.

Notes to editors

Comedians who featured in the Joke of the Fringe 2021 video content series are: Tim Vine (Winner 2010 and 2014), Darren Walsh (Winner 2015), Olaf Falafel (Winner 2019), Adele Cliff (multiple Top 10 finisher), Nick Helm (Winner 2011), Ken Cheng (Winner 2017) and Masai Graham (Winner 2016)

Tim Vine is touring with his latest show Plastic Elvis from September 4. Details: timvine.com

Darren Walsh is doing his show, Too Soon, at the Museum Of Comedy on September 3. Details: Museumofcomedy.com

Olaf Falafel's latest children's book, Trixie Pickle Art Avenger, is published in July 2022.

Adele Cliff is on Twitter: @Adelecliff

Nick Helm is on Twitter: @TheNickHelm

Ken Cheng is on Twitter: @kenchengcomedy

Masai Graham is appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe until August 29 and on Twitter: @MasaiGraham


Olaf Falafel wins Dave Joke of the Fringe in 2019