Behind the Scenes

Five UKTV staff members reveal what it's really like to work here. (Reproduced with kind permission from More! magazine)

UKTV Publicity Team

Gemma, 26, Entertainment Publicist

What do you chat about at work?

Anything and everything, mainly last night's TV, which is crazy - you'd think we'd be bored of talking about it. We do love a good gossip though.

What advice would you give to somebody starting out?

Gain as much work experience as you can while you're still at university, so you're ready for the real world of PR as soon as you've graduated.

Caroline, 22, Communications Assistant

How did you get your job here?

I did work experience here the year before I graduated, then when I left I was lucky that a position opened up.

What's the hardest thing about your job?

There are quite a lot of deadlines, so we often have to work overtime.

What do you get up to after work?

I relax in my PJs at home, or we'll all head out together to a local pub.

Lucy, 25, Lifestyle Publicity Assistant

What's it like working at UKTV?

Amazing! I get to meet people with great stories and sometimes go on fab press trips, like to South Africa.

How did you get your job?

I went to uni and did work experience at Emmerdale and Doctors. It meant I landed the first PR role I went for.

Emily, 26, Factual Publicist

What's an average day like?

I don't have an average day - once I had to take a chameleon round to journalists' offices to promote a new series. You have to be organised and a good communicator to do this job.

Are your mates jealous of you?

They were when I got to meet Sir David Attenborough and he told me I was pretty!

Abigail, 21, Publicity Assistant

"All those hours of watching TV as a student have finally come in handy working in the publicity office at UKTV. I've always wanted a career in entertainment, and being an intern here is a dream. I help generate publicity for all 10 channels on UKTV's books, including Dave, Watch and Gold, which means I get to know everyone.

I liaise with all departments, from schedulers to lawyers, so I get an insight into how the company works as a whole. I also get to do loads of fun stuff, from helping the Dave comedians to working with magician Dynamo on Watch. When I was at Leeds Metropolitan Uni studying PR and marketing, UKTV was offering an intern position, so I researched the channels for hours, then applied. Two interviews later, here I am.

No two days are the same. I can be making preview clips to be broadcast on shows like The Jonathan Ross Show or Loose Women, or helping organise press days in London with some of our celebrities. It is hard work, but once you see the articles you've helped create in magazines and newspapers, it's all worth it.

The best thing about being an intern here is definitely the events I get to go to. As well as launches at top London locations like The Soho Hotel, I've also helped with the Edinburgh TV Festival and Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. Plus, being able to watch shows before they're on air is a big bonus - I just have to remember not to give away what happens to my mates."

Reproduced with kind permission of More! magazine.