28th December: Twixtmas day - the day Brits hit peak Christmas and crave wrapping up in their duvets with their TV


28 December 2016

  • Study reveals Wednesday 28th December as Twixtmas Day - the day we crave a little respite from the festive period
  • Over the festive period the average Brit will have clocked up 250 miles of travelling, scoffed five turkey-based dinners guzzled 13 litres of booze - and put on an average of 4.5 pounds
  • Four in five (83%) Brits look forward to wrapping up in front of the TV post-Christmas celebrations
  • Over half (57%) of Brits cite Wednesday 28th December as the day they have reached peak Christmas cheer
  • Study commissioned by TV channel Drama to celebrate its Christmas programming

Wednesday 28th December has been named as Twixtmas Day - the day when as a nation we have had our fill of Christmas cheer and crave a great escape from family and friends. That's the verdict of a new study released by Drama channel today.

The new research reveals that by December 28th the average British adult will have travelled 250 miles to see family and friends, attended three Christmas parties, guzzled 13 litres of beer* - the equivalent of 4 litres of double gin and tonics, scoffed five turkey-based dinners and had at least two family rows - with over a quarter (35%) of those surveyed citing an untidy house as the key flash point.

The study of 2,000 British adults is specially commissioned by Drama channel to celebrate their Christmas season. The study found that four in five (83%) Brits today look forward to wrapping up in a duvet away from family and friends to indulge in their TV passions during the mid-Christmas period.

Findings further revealed that seven in ten (70%) Brits feel like they need a break mid Christmas, whilst over half of Brits surveyed (57%) cited the 28th of December as the day that they seek respite from festive activities.

Top 10 reasons why Brits have reached peak-Christmas are revealed as:
1. Gaining an average of four and a half pounds of weight (47%)
2. Busy supermarkets and shopping centres (38%)
3. Lack of money following buying Christmas presents for loved ones and partying (35%)
4. Work looming on the horizon (35%)
5. Cleaning up after family being over (27%)
6. January payday being a fair way off (26%)
7. Recovering from Christmas party hangovers (21%)
8. Bored of arguments with family and friends (20%)
9. Time spent driving up and down the country to visit family and friends (20%)
10. Exhausted from Christmas shopping and preparation (19%)

Adrian Wills, General Manager of Drama,

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but sometimes a little too much self-indulgence can lead to a festive overload. Tired from travelling, over-eating, and simmering family tension, our new study names 28th December as Twixtmas Day - the day we switch off from the usual Christmas cheer and switch on to indulging in some 'me time' in front of the TV. Fans of Drama will love the schedule we have in store for them. It's the perfect restorative treat.

From Drama's Christmas schedule selection, nearly a third (27%) of Brits were looking forward to catching up on the Agatha Christie collection followed by Call the Midwife (20%).

__Drama's festive highlights every day from Monday 19 December until Friday 30 December including TV favourites such as Sharpe (11am), Catherine Cookson (1pm), Call the Midwife (4pm), and George Gently (8pm)._

For more information, please contact - Katie Sheldrake, Publicist

Notes to editors:

Survey of 2,000 British adults by One Poll in December 2016

*The survey revealed that Brits consume 5 units per day from Christmas Eve until New Year's Day = 9 days in total. Over the Christmas period, we therefore consume 5 units x 9 days = 45 units in total.

A low strength lager/beer is 2 units (as seen below, guidelines from Drinkaware). 45 units/ 2 units (per lager) = 22.5 beers. A pint is 568ml, 568ml x 22.5 units = 12,780ml. Which is 12.78 litres, rounded up the nearest number this equals 13 litres.

Alcohol unit breakdown below: Small glass of red/white/rosé wine = 1.5 units Large glass of red/white/rosé wine = 3 units Pint of lower strength lager (3.6%) = 2 units Pint of higher strength lager (5.2%) = 3 units Single small shot of spirits (25ml) = 1 unit

Further alcohol conversions can be seen below: - 13 litres of low-strength beer/lager - 9 litres of high-strength beer/lager - 4 litres of double gin and tonics - 3.75 litres of wine (250ml - large glasses/ 125ml - small glasses) - 1.13 litres of shots (spirits)

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Drama is the only destination for festive treats this Christmas with consistent strips of heart-warming favourites Sharpe, Cookson, Call the Midwife and Inspector George Gently shown every day on the channel throughout the festive season.

Drama is a channel that is passionate about Britain's best-loved dramas. From period through to contemporary and comedy, the channel is a treasure trove of classics which showcase the greatest stories ever told in an entertaining and engaging way. With programmes including Call the Midwife, Pride and Prejudice, Sharpe, New Tricks and Silent Witness, viewers can indulge in a handpicked range of the nation's most celebrated TV dramas.

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